polygon wallet v2

polygon wallet is a geometric figure, usually defined as part of a plane bounded by a closed polyline. If the bounding polyline has no self-intersection points, a polygon is called a simple polygon.

Definition. The union of a closed polyline and its interior region is called a polygon. The polyline itself is called a polygon boundary, and its interior region is called the interior region of the polygon. The segments of a polygon boundary are called polygon sides, and the vertices are called polygon vertices.

Mathematical Courses and Training

Polygon Learning We Offer

1.get acquainted with the place and role of polygons in teaching geometry to students, with the main stages of studying polygons (on the basis of content-logical analysis of the teaching material);

2. To consider the possibilities of lessons of different types in the study of polygons;

3. To form necessary skills in the preparation of such lessons, to get acquainted with various creative works of students on the topic, to show the possibilities of their use in the learning process.

Learning Polygons Wallet in geometry


1. Different approaches to the study of polygons.

2. Methodology of studying quadrilaterals:

a) Methodology of introducing the concept of a quadrilateral;

b) Methodology of studying a parallelogram;

c) Methodology of studying a trapezoid and its properties.

3. Methods of studying regular polygons. Various approaches to the study of polygons.